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Gypsum news: Corrosive drywall and giant crystals

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Articles on corrosive drywall imports from China and their effects on homeowners throughout Florida and the Gulf Coast region continue to pile up. A trickle of occasional reports has turned into a flood; local newspapers are now covering it on a daily basis, and national papers are picking up the story as well.

Typical of recent stories is this from the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel (11/13/09): “Homeowners feel abandoned by builders who used Chinese drywall.” The reporter characterizes the current situation as “a stalemate” between homeowners who are seeking to be made whole and the various parties trying to apportion financial responsibility for the problem. It took a couple of years and a few hurricanes to get into this mess; looks like it’s going to take a lot longer for everyone involved to get out.

At the other end of the calcium sulfate spectrum, the National Geographic Channel will begin its Expedition Series this week. On Sunday, November 22, they will be airing “Giant Crystal Cave.” According to NGC, the giant gypsum crystals of Naica, Mexico, are up to 36 feet long, weigh as much as 55 tons, and are perhaps half a million years old. Wouldn’t you love to see these beauties?


Written by Elizabeth McCullough

November 15, 2009 at 3:48 pm

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