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Cleaning up corrosive drywall and polluted air

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Scam warning

Today US senators from the states most affected by the corrosive drywall situation (Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Virginia) urged the Federal Trade Commission to take steps to protect homeowners from opportunists offering false “cures” for their problems. In a letter to the FTC they said:

…as the issue has unfolded and the problem has become more widely publicized, more and more companies and individuals have come forward to announce and advertise “solutions” for homeowners. These “solutions” are generally in the form of testing procedures to identify Chinese drywall or remediation protocols that claim to completely remove the product from homes. Some companies have even advertised that they are part of a national certification program — despite the fact that the Federal government has yet to fully determine the exact substances in this defective product.

View the entire letter here (pdf).

Cleaner air = bigger landfill

This article from the New York Times website gives a good idea of the relationship between coal-burning power plants, landfills, the drywall industry, and housing prices. It’s complicated, but it reminds me of the truism that you can’t clean anything without getting something else dirty.



Written by Elizabeth McCullough

November 17, 2009 at 1:09 am

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