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  • "But the most important single element of the pilot program might be the fact that it runs lockstep with remediation guidelines established by Fallon in a series of decisions handed down this year. They call for essentially gutting the home and rebuilding it to its former condition: replacing all drywall, wiring, copper pipes, the air-conditioning system, fire safety equipment and all damaged fixtures."
  • "…drywall manufacturer Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin, several insurers, and drywall supplier, Interior Exterior Building Supply, will begin a pilot program, in which the companies will pay to remove the drywall and wiring from 300 homes built with Knauf board. The pilot program will begin with 40 homes that the attorneys have already determined are built with at least 95 percent Knauf drywall. The repairs–which include the replacement of all drywall, wiring, copper pipes, the air conditioning systems, fire safety equipment and all damaged fixtures–will be reviewed by an independent environmental firm after the work’s been completed. The total amount that Knauf pays could be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The procedure can cost about $100,000 per home and plaintiffs’ attorneys allege that there are 3,000 homes affected."
  • "The Construction Recycling Initiatives (CRI) task force is a volunteer group of builders, contractors, planners, and designers formed specifically to [a] examine the state of recycling in the [Canadian] National Capital Region, and [b] improve our record on IC&I (Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional) recycling. Our first and current goal is implementing drywall (gypsum) recycling in the National Capital Region."

    Status report is available at the link. (pdf)

  • "The plasterboard manufacturer, suppliers and insurers agreed to completely remove and replace KPT drywall, as well as all the electrical wiring, gas tubing and appliances from 300 homes in four states. They also agreed to pay relocation expenses while the houses, in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida, are repaired, which could take several months. The cost of remediation, excluding relocation, is estimated at $40-$80 per square foot. The insurers are providers of commercial liability policies."

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October 16, 2010 at 8:03 am

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