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Gypsum history: “Midland Is Gone”

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Here’s a bit of history for those interested in company towns and ghost towns. This clip is from an article that appeared in the November 2, 1970 LA Times:


Midland was a U.S. Gypsum Co. town for 43 years, an isolated community 22 miles north of Blythe by narrow road. Midland produced plasterboard walls for thousands of homes across the nation.The gypsum deposit in Little Maria Mountains two miles west of town was one of the best.”But the character of the gypsum snow deposit in recent years made it no longer economically competitive,” reports Kenneth Hepler, former plant manager. “The snow at Midland was too heavy. Lighter material was needed for wallboard.”Midland was started in 1925 as a tent city, with miners in the middle of the Mojave Desert digging gypsum out of the Little Marias to meet the demands of movie studios. All the winter scenes during the golden age of Hollywood were filmed with “snowflakes” from Midland.

via Midland Is Gone.


Written by Elizabeth McCullough

September 28, 2013 at 10:50 pm

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