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The 1965 Parade of Homes

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The quality on this video is not great, but you can see a method of wall construction using sound-deadening board plus gypsum wall board that was used for the 1965 Parade of Homes in Alabama. As Boomer families grew and entertainment moved inside the home, the building industry played up the concept of the “Quietized” home.

via 1965 Parade of Homes, The – YouTube.


Written by Elizabeth McCullough

June 24, 2014 at 8:00 am

Gypsum videos, old and new

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If you look over to the right side of this blog, you’ll see a selection of videos I’ve been collecting related to gypsum and the gypsum industry. Today I found a couple of gems via the Internet Archive (aka The Wayback Machine). One is a training video from the Gypsum Association. You might not be interested in the safety tips, but you do get to see a lot of hunky quarry workers and big machines.

The second video features the 1965 Parade of Homes in Birmingham, Alabama. But these aren’t just any homes — they’re Quiet Homes, which have been “quietized” with such space-age materials as Gold Bond Deciban, gypsum board, and caulk. Now mom and dad can watch Gunsmoke in peace while the kids play their rock ‘n’ roll records on the hi-fi upstairs.  Also features hunky drywallers.

Written by Elizabeth McCullough

December 15, 2009 at 5:34 pm

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